Tobias Putrih

View of Siska International, 2010

Tobias Putrih isn’t a filmmaker, but several of his site-specific installations have re-imaged cinema interiors through the creation of  life-size environments, where actual films are projected for viewers to sit and watch. One of the things I respond to the most is Putrih’s usage of every day, ephemeral materials such as paper, cardboard, tape, twist ties, and plastic foam to create, among other things, usable structures. Putrih also uses these materials to create maquettes, many of them also cinemas, but the small-scale models often represent structures that would be impossible to construct or use.


Blueprints, maquettes, models—these are all representational forms that describe the structure and proposed function of something. I’m interested in these forms as substitutes through which we can explore the potentials of an idea. It is much easier for me to justify the production of an object if I can insist that it is not a finished thing but rather just a proposal for an object or architectural space that will probably never be built… for me to float an idea in a provisional form that can easily be remade or disposed of makes sense, because such makeshift objects still beg questions about their own existence.

 — (in Tobias Putrih 99-07)

Death of Tarelin, 2012